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Ferguson is a supporter of SB 6620, the bill to raise the age to purchase assault weapons from 18 to 21. If you must be 21 to purchase a handgun in Washington, he said, why should assault rifles be any easier to attain? “I don’t hear anyone saying that you should be able to buy a handgun at 18,” he said. “I’m just saying, make our laws consistent. It makes our laws logical.” Ferguson is not against guns in general; he just does not see why military-style weapons should be allowed in civilian society. But in terms of hunting rifles and handguns for sport and protection, he said he has no issue. “If you wanna go hunting with your father, I don’t have a problem with that,” he said. Ferguson pointed out that the Seattle Pacific University shooter had to stop to reload his gun; during this time, a student tackled him, thus stopping the shooter from killing more people. This is evidence, Ferguson said, that decreasing the prevalence of semi-automatic weapons saves lives. “I’m not saying you can stop Mukilteo, Florida … But do I think it’ll make a difference? Yes,” Ferguson said.

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