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“Patent troll” doubles down, now accuses Clicker Heroes maker of libel Lawyer for Playsaurus: "Stop sending baseless letters with draconian demands." Enlarge / This is a screen grab from the forthcoming Clicker Heroes 2. Clicker Heroes maker compares new lawsuit from “patent troll” to extortion The video game studio behind Clicker Heroes says that after it recently refused "patent troll" demands and went public with them, it is now being threatened with fresh accusations of libel and new claims of patent infringement. Last month Ars reported that GTX Corporation had threatened  game developer Playsaurus with a lawsuit  if that studio didn't pay $35,000 for a patent licensing fee to cover a patent for "electronic tokens." In response, Playsaurus CEO Thomas Wolfley called GTX’s demands to avoid "costly litigation" over Playsaurus’ use of electronic "Rubies" in its games "meritless." Clicker Heroes offers players the chance to purchase, using US dollars, something of digital value ("rubies") in the game. Because GTX claims to own the entire concept of selling such tokens electronically, it claims that Playsaurus has violated its patent. A lawyer representing GTX has now upped the ante with the new allegations  laid out above. Wolfley  wrote Monday that this latest accusation "very much feels like an attempt to silence me and stifle my freedom to speak about this issue to keep us from discovering and revealing how many of us are receiving these letters. GTX Corp.'s behavior demanding ‘$35,000’ to ‘avoid costly litigation’ is bad enough already, but stifling a small game-developer's freedom of speech and our ability to mount a collaborative legal defense is a step too far." As a result of writing publicly about GTX, Wolfley told Ars that his company isn’t the only one to receive such demand letters. "We know of at least four individuals/corporations who contacted us to say they have received similar demand letters," he emailed Ars. "They wish to remain private, however." The Arizona-based GTX Corporation describes itself as a company "dedicated to the development of technologically advanced proprietary raster-to-vector conversion and editing software to bridge paper to CAD." It is not clear how GTX’s existing "raster-to-vector conversion" business is impacted by an electronic token patent that was issued back in 2007.

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